Client: Google
Agency: Labamba


Coming "home" for Christmas is a big topic during Christmas time. But what is "home" really? Is it your flat? Your parents house? Your grandpas bad jokes? With the Google App we dug deeper in the question what home really is while at the same time showing the functions of the new Google App. 

In very short time we developed small films by different artists with different styles but still with that Google handmade look. All based around the topic of what really is behind that feeling of home during Christmas times.

My Role: Idea & Execution

Campaign Startfilm
A handmade film to kick off the campaign and the idea.

Christmas Baking
Is something almost all Germans do during Christmas time. ChristmasBaking#FeelsLikeHome

No snow on Christmas
The big question. Will it snow on Christmas? Well the last couple of years it wasn't even close 🙁 NoSnowOnChristmas#FeelsLikeHome

Dinner for one
...is a English TV-Show that is always broadcasted on NewYears eve every year since the 60ies. DinnerForOne#FeelsLikeHome

...is a German tradition before NewYears eve and something alot of people did with their parents. You put down led into water and the shape it will take says something about your future.